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Discover the Benefits of Pastoral Counseling


Pastoral counseling is the practice of intentional and structured interaction between an individual seeking help and a pastor who is eager to help. It is a therapeutic approach provided by most churches. Although its foundation is similar to other forms of therapy, it differs by its inclusion of faith and spirituality.

As an established church in New York, we will discuss the benefits of pastoral counseling:

  • Receive Spiritual Guidance
    If you are seeking help during a rough period, you are not alone. Most people seek pastoral counseling during difficult periods and major life transitions. A pastor can help guide individuals who are struggling with inner distress and guide them towards the right path according to their faith.
  • Improve Relationships
    A pastor can also provide advice and guidance to help improve your relationships. In most cases, couples seek pastoral counseling before marriage and continue to do so to help deal with marital problems. This helps them overcome any relationship roadblocks to strengthen their bond.
  • Re-establish Your Faith
    Before pursuing pastoral counseling, some people may have abandoned their faith or have not explored this religious belief. Through pastoral counseling, an individual can re-establish their connection with the gospel and gain opportunities to join a religious mission within their community.

Graffiti Fellowship is a ministry center in Brooklyn, New York offering pastoral counseling. Our work includes prayer, fellowship groups, mission trips, bible study, and more. Reach out to us to learn more about our organization.

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